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Mililani High School

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Central District Science Fair State Finalists!

Proj. # Title of Project Student/s
29* ISEF Increasing the Buoyancy of Potato-based Bioplastics Alex Nakasato
20* ISEF Assessing the Pouhala Marsh Soil Ashlynn Carney Caleb Beeler
32 Comparative Analysis of Thermal Membranes: Banana Leaf vs PET Plastics Louie Yang
17 Utilizing Neural Networking to Find Critical Indicators of Cognitive Impairment Brea Swartwood
3 Determining the Effective Anti-Parasitic Concentration of Noni Extract Cadie Young
2 Finding non-toxic homemade Solutions to Aniploplepis gracilipes Kayla Uyema
12 A Sustainable Natural Sunscreen Meilin Bucher
25 The Effects of Retrofitting Buildings with Hydroponics on Temperature Reduction in Urban Areas Leigh Berry
21 Degradation of Aluminum in Saltwater and its Effect on Brine Shrimp Survival Matthew Schaefer, Kyle Walker
24 The Durability of Invasive Algae as an Alternative to Paper Production Summer Aniya Angelina Dulay Jace-Lynn Tolentino
9 Smoke Screen: The Effect of Social Media on Teenage Vaping Annabelle Ink
15 Comparison of Microplastic Separation Devices and their Success Rate Ila Nako, Zoey Dangleman
16 The Strength of Banana Peel Bioplastics based on the Molarity of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, Cade Nakao
36 Determining the Relationship between the location of Poi Fermentation and the Microbes Present Christopher Kae