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ASMHS stands for the Associated Students of Mililani High School. The Executive Board of ASMHS is made up of five Student Body officers who facilitate school-wide events throughout the year such as quarterly pep rallies, Spirit Weeks, Homecoming, Winterball, service projects, and many more. ASMHS is recognized as a 2023 Gold Council of Excellence by the National Student Council (NatStuCo). This is the ninth year that ASMHS has received this prestigious recognition. The Gold award is the highest level of recognition attainable by a student council for their strong leadership program, functioning in an ethical and responsible way, and engaging others in leadership, spirit, civic, and service activities. “Receiving a NatStuCo National Gold Council of Excellence Award reflects the highest dedication on the part of the school to providing a strong, well-rounded student council program,” said Ann Postlewaite, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) student programs director.
The ASMHS Council is made up of students who are interested in getting involved and creating a positive school culture on campus through Trojan Teams which fall under one of the four pillars of the National Association of Student Councils: Leadership, Service, Voice and Engagement.  Students who are interested in a facilitator/chairperson role are expected to be committed to attend project planning meetings and communicate regularly with the advisor and/or ASMHS executive board. ASMHS Council members have the option to take the Leadership Training Course elective credit during the school day. The calendar/commitment varies for each ASMHS Council Trojan Team (see breakdown below). ASMHS Council members are selected into council by completing their application, completing a brief interview, and meeting the 2.0+ minimum GPA (teacher recommendations may be considered).
Mililani High is committed to maximizing opportunities for our students to participate in extracurriculars and find outlets that allow them to explore personal interests and expand horizons. ASMHS and the Office of Student Activities at Mililani High School is excited to serve you this school year! If you have any questions, please stop by B105 or email [email protected].
President's Message
Aloha Trojans, 

On behalf of the Associated Students of Mililani High School, I would like to extend my biggest welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. I hope that you all had a wonderful yet restful summer and are excited and ready to kick start the new school year.

While pursuing our own unique academic goals and endeavors that will help guide us throughout the world, high school is a time when we are given the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime. So, as we move through the new year, my hope is that you get involved, find connections and reach out if you ever need help. With everyone coming together as one team  (including our faculty and staff members) we will have the ability to make our high school year memorable and genuinely feel and take pride in being a part of the Trojan family.

I couldn't be more thrilled to lead this incredible team, continue Trojan Traditions, bring many ideas to life on our campus, and most importantly, serve each and every one of you. Please don't hesitate to stop by B105 if you ever need anything. I wish you all the best in your studies this school year.
Go Trojans Whoop Whoop!
Jaden Kiese
2023-2024 ASMHS President
2023-2024 ASMHS
Executive Board
Jaden Kiese
Vice President
Dorian Kim
Recording Secretary
Verity Wayne
Corresponding Secretary
Cruz Sagaysay
Maya McKeown
Board Members
April Aperocho
Sariah Banks
Treytin Cabral
Erin Jorden Carlos
Faith Komatsu
Elise Hope Ocreto
Lauren Omine
Rylan Ramos
Logan Riehle
Genel Sepada
Mari Takahata
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