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Celebration of Achievements

5/21/21: Blaise Swartwood competed against the very best of STEM students across the globe in this year's virtual International Science and Engineering Fair. Through his hard work and brilliance, he was awarded the Third Award (of $1000) in the category of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics with his project "High Accuracy Classification of Myopathy Electromyography Signals Using a ResNet50 Neural Network".
5/1/21: The Mililani Army JROTC Pacific Drill Championships were held on April 30, and the Mililani High Trojan Battalion won the overall Drill Meet. This competition was against 27 other JROTC Programs (Navy, Air Force, USMC, and Army) from all islands and the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy.
4/30/21: Teacher Charlie Buenafe and student Armaan Needles will represent Hawaii this summer at the second annual Sacrifice for Freedom: World War II in the Pacific Student & Teacher Institute. Needles and Buenafe make up one of only 16 teams from across the country. You can read about the complete story here: 
4/27/21: Mililani High Librarian Betty Arai received the 2021 Golden Key Award for the Hawaii Association of School Librarians. The Golden Key Award was established in 1979 to recognize a school librarian who has made significant professional contributions to the profession in Hawaii and given notable service to the organization.
4/26/21: Hawaii History Day State Winners & National Qualifiers


1st Place Senior Paper: Tokyo Rose and the American Media: Communicating Nationalism

Student: Annabelle Ink (National Qualifier) Teacher: Jason Duncan

2nd Place Senior Paper: 1891 Lynching of Italians: How Newspapers Communicated a Negative Understanding of Immigrants

Student: Kyle Walker (National Qualifier) Teacher: Jason Duncan

1st Place Senior Group Website: Easing Disease: The Communication of Louis Pasteur’s Revolutionary Discoveries that Facilitated the Understand of Germ Theory 

Student: Breanne Acoba & Brielle Acoba (National Qualifiers) Teacher: Jason Duncan

2nd Place Senior Group Website: Cracked Communication: The Secret Doe Breaking Woman 

Student: Erin Hikiji & Emmeline Ink (National Qualifiers) Teacher: Jason Duncan & Sean Wagner

1st Place Senior Individual Website: Communication During the Suez Crisis: The United Nations Use of Diplomacy to Foster Understanding & Peace 

Student: Ty Wakahiro (National Qualifier) Teacher: Kim Lauzon

2nd Place Senior Individual Documentary: Mary Kawena Pukui Communicates Endangered Hawaiian Language and Cultural Practices for Future Understanding and Revival 

Student: Mandy Kim-Fu (National Qualifier) Teacher: Amy Boehning

3rd Place Senior Group Documentary: Dr. Seuss: Communication through WWII Propaganda to Children’s Books 

Student: Willow Otaka & Kiana Burnette Teacher: Jason Duncan

1st Place Senior Individual Performance: Mathew Brady: Communication Through Photojournalism and the Comprehension of War 

Student: Yasmine Mustafa (National Qualifier) Teacher: Jason Duncan

2nd Place Senior Individual Performance: Communicating the Horrors of War: Understanding Walter Cronkite’s Vietnam Broadcasts 

Student: Veronica Guiney (National Qualifier) Teacher: Jason Duncan

3rd Place Senior Individual Performance: The Communication of the Camp David Accords and Middle Eastern Politics 

Student: Armaan Needles Teacher: Jason Duncan & Amy Boehning

1st Place Senior Group Performance: Patsy Mink: The Understanding of the Communication Against Sex Discrimination in Educational Programs 

Student: Quincy Coullahan & Jasmine Smith (National Qualifiers) Teacher: Genevieve Matsumura

2nd Place Senior Group Performance: Shakespeare and Communicating Through Four Centuries: Interpreting Messages 

Student: Samatha Ito & Kyle Corley (National Qualifiers) Teacher: Genevieve Matsumura

3rd Place Senior Group Performance: The Communication of Women's Rights at the Seneca Falls Convention 

Student: Krystal Luna & Alyssa Lamarca  (National Qualifiers) Teacher: Jason Duncan

4/20/21: FCCLA Medalists this School Year
Entrepreneurship - Kassandra Morse - Gold Medal
Baking & Pastry - Joshua Ishizaka - Silver Medal
Baking & Pastry - Maria Bongiorno - Bronze Medal
Baking & Pastry - Zain Sasaki - Bronze Medal
4/19/21: 2021 Virtual Hawaii Science and Engineering Fair Results
  • Ashlynn Carney– 2nd Place Earth & Environmental Sciences category, $500 Alexander & Baldwin award, $100 Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals award, NOAA Senior Honorable Mention
  • Kai Roshto – 2nd Place Environmental Engineering category, $1000 McInerny Scholarship award, $250 American Water Works Association award, $100 Hawaii Water Environment Association award
  • Makoa DeAlmeida - $200 American Water Works Association
  • Jacqueline Kirkpatrick – 25 Exemplary Chemistry Project, $100 2021 Regional Stockholm Junior Water Prize, $100 Hawaii Water Environment Association award
  • Aaron Ross - $50 Illumination Engineering Society award
  • Colby Suzuki – 2nd Place Energy Sustainable Materials & Design, $50 Illumination Engineering Society award
  • Blaise Swartwood – 2nd Place Translational Medicine category, $600 National Security Agency award, $500 Queen’s Health Systems award
  • Alexis Dimaya – 2nd Place Biochemistry category
  • Teah Takahata – 2nd Place Plant Sciences category; was chosen for the Top 16 Finalist projects
Other participants: Ariel Woodman, Collin Horiuchi, Trevan Murakami, Jaelyn Tang, Kylie Onizuka
4/19/21: Mililani Winterguard places in the top 10 as a Finalist in the Scholastic Open Division at this year's WGI Virtual Championships with the program "Turn to Stone." Students involved include: Adriana Bulay, Aiden Miarecki, Alyssa Rabanal, Amber Tamondong, Anthony Tom, Caitlyn Aoki, Denali Dealmeida, Elizabeth Yoshino, Isabella Gismundo-Hook, Jade McMillan-Chau, Jaden Mattison, Jenna Kim, Maria Bongiorno, Paige Thomas, Rory Pasion, Rylie Wakamoto, Shaina Souza, Tasha Amhara, Taylor Navares
3/30/21: SkillsUSA Medalists this School Year
Internetworking - Ethan Ibanez - Gold
Internetworking - Micah Nishihara - Silver
Mobile Robotics - Zachary Boston & Mark Budiao - Gold
Mobile Robotics - Jade Engstrom & Korie Takamoto - Silver
Television Production - Elizabeth Johnson & Kobelyn Guerrero - Gold
3/22/21: Japan Wizards Winners: Eugene Kim, Kamryn Lapinid, and Keenan Yoshizawa won the public school division and a trip to Japan. 
2/19/21: DECA Medalists @ CTSO this year
Trophy Winners and National Qualifiers:
Financial Services Annabelle Ink & Kirah Evile - 1st Place
Travel & Tourism Evelyn Carillo-Cobian & Zoey Vinoray - 2nd Place
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Jaime Cortez & Ila Nako - 2nd Place Written Exam Top Score
Entrepreneurship Isaiah Nabea - 1st Place Financial Services Annabelle Ink - 1st Place Finalist-Medallion Winners (top 4-6 in each competitive category)
Retail Merchandising Isaiah Nabea
Entrepreneurship Aaron Komatsu
Financial Services Annabelle Ink & Kirah Evile
Travel & Tourism Evelyn Carillo-Cobian & Zoey Vinoray Rain Hashimoto & Elise Norris Emma Pratt & Ariel Woodman
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Jaime Cortez & Ila Nako Armaan Needles & Ivan Lee
2/16/21: 58th Annual Scholastic Art Awards Contest
Gold Key (4 awards)
- Aaron Iha Gr. 12 Photography 3 (2x)
- Tiare Tonaki Gr. 12 Photography 4
- Storey Welch Gr. 11 Photography 3
Silver Key (8 awards)
- Tanner Aoki Gr. 11 Photography 3
- Makoa DeAlmeida Gr. 12 Photography 2
- Sharlynn Lactaoen Gr. 11 Photography 3
- Michael Rayray Gr. 11 Photography 3 (2x)
- Tiare Tonaki Gr. 12 Photography 4 (2x)
- Storey Welch Gr. 11 Photography 3
12/20/20: Two chemistry students, Noelle Shimabukuro and YeLyn Won, took first and second place, respectively, in their interpretation of the theme "Sticking with Chemistry" via illustrated poems submitted to the American Chemical Society, Hawaii Section.
152 Mililani students who were awarded one of the AP Scholar awards Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams, 8 students earned the AP Capstone Diploma granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on 4 additional AP Exams of their choosing and 4 Mililani students earned the AP National Scholar Award granted to students who average at least a score of 4 in all the AP exams they take and score 4 or more in at least 8 of these exams. 
  • Cameron Frey, 4.55 average score, 11 AP exams taken
  • Hayley R. LaBonte, 4.33 average score, 9 AP exams taken
  • Emmett K. Miyahara, 4.7 average score, 10 AP exams taken
  • Brea A. Swartwood, 4.67 average score, 12 AP exams taken. 
The Pele Awards is one of the most coveted awards for graphic designers, photographers, videographers, advertising agencies and magazine publications in Hawaii. This is the third year that the Pele Awards have honored a high school division, and it is with high esteem that I congratulate the students of Kara Adan, Jason Tamura and the staff of Mililani Times.These students and teachers have worked hard to put Mililani High in high standards amongst the eyes of professionals.
You may see the winners and their winning products here 
Judge's Choice Award
Misc. Projects: Joie Agoo (Adan)
Pele Gold
Visual: Logo Design- Joie Agoo (Adan)
Visual: Logo Design- Kiaralyn Pagampao (Adan)
Specialty Advertising: Apparel- Jenai Redoble (Adan)
Poster- Caden Chang (Adan)
Publication Design:Feature Spread- Jenna Lee Bundalian (Mililani Times)
Still Photography: Black and White- Reese Yamamoto (Mililani Times)
Pele Silver
Film, Video & Sound: Internet Commercials- Meagan Tamashiro (Tamura)
Film, Video & Sound: Internet Commercials- Jonathan Chow (Tamura)
Public Service Television: Advertising- Jonathan Chow (Tamura)
Music Video- Lauren Bongco and Chance Ringor (Tamura)
Poster- Nina Shaw (Adan)
Pele Bronze
Illustration- Kaylee Jones, she won two bronzes in this category (Adan) 
Illustration- Kiaralyn Pagampao (Adan)
Poster-  Kiaralyn Pagampao (Adan)
Poster- Jeileen Iyoki (Adan)
Direct Marketing: Direct Mail- Joie Agoo (Adan)
On Friday our MHS students did an outstanding job in an extremely competitive contest. 5 projects and a total of 7 students qualified for the virtual national contest in June. MHS student projects also took 6 Community Prizes which include cash awards.

Exhibit Category

2nd Place Senior Division Individual Exhibit - National Qualifier

Special Prize: Hawaiʻi Heritage Center Award

for and outstanding project in local or ethnic history

Reviving the Hula: Kalakaua Breaks Cultural Barriers 

Student: Gabriella Stonerook

Teacher: Genevieve Matsumura

Special Prize: Matson Award

for an outstanding project in maritime history

Hōkūleʻa Sets Sail For New Horizons 

Student: Gabrielle Abenes-Visconti

Teacher: Micah Benavitz

Performance Category

1st Place Senior Division Group Performance - National Qualifier

Special Prize: Hawaiʻi Heritage Labor Council Award

for an outstanding project in labor history

Memphis Strikes Break the Barrier For African American Sanitation Workers


Student: Helene Tavares-Lenton, Jasmine Milsap, and Emmanuel Jennings

Teacher: Amy Boehning

1st Place Senior Division Individual Performance - National Qualifier

Special Prize: Hui O Laulima Lorraine Toma Award

for an outstanding project in Okinawan history

United States Military Breaking Barriers in the Honouliuli Internment Camp


Optional Audio:

Student: Armaan Needles

Teacher: Kim Lauzon & Amy Boehning

Website Category

1st Place Senior Division Individual Website - National Qualifier

Breaking Barriers to Higher Heights 

Student: Noah Ocreto

Teacher: Grant Bramer

2nd Place Senior Division Individual Website - National Qualifier

The Suppression of Buddhism in Hawaii 

Student: The Suppression of Buddhism in Hawaii

Teacher: Genevieve Matsumura

Documentary Category

Special Prize: Associated Chinese University Women Award

for an outstanding project in Chinese-American History

Breaking Barriers: Chien-Shiung Wu, First Lady of Physics 

Student: Emma Lee, Jaylin Smith, and Nina Quingua

Teacher: Jason Duncan

Special Prize: Johana Wurst Award

for an outstanding project related to textiles, the fashion industry, or art and its impact on history

The Ebony Fashion Fair: Breaking Barriers for African- Americans 

Students: Emma Berry and Tani Umetsu

Teacher: Amy Boehning
4/10/20: Congratulations to the following students who placed in the 2020 (Virtual) Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair!

Brea Swartwood - 1st place Computational Biology & Informatics [ISEF Finalist]

Utilizing Neural Networking to Find Critical Indicators of Cognitive Impairment

Kyle Walker & Matthew Schaefer - 1st place Earth and Environmental Sciences

Degradation of Aluminum in Saltwater and its Effect on Brine Shrimp Survival

Cadie Young - 2nd place Animal Sciences

Determining the Effective Anti-Parasitic Concentration of Noni Extract

Jacqueline Kirkpatrick & Cade Nakao - 2nd place Chemistry

The Strength of Banana Peel Bioplastics based on the Molarity of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium 

Kayla Uyema - 3rd place Animal Sciences

Ant Busters Testing Homemade Solutions to Little Fire Ants

Annabelle Ink - 3rd place Behavioral & Social Sciences

Smoke Screen: The Effect of Social Media on Teenage Vaping

Meilin Bucher - 3rd place Biochemistry

A Sustainable Natural Sunscreen

Summer Aniya, Jace-Lynn Tolentino, & Angelina Dulay - 3rd place  

Earth & Environmental Sciences

The Durability of Invasive Algae as as Alternative to Paper Production

2/7/20: Congratulations to the following Mililani students who placed in the Central District Science and Engineering Fair and are Science Fair State Finalists! These students will go on to compete at States in April.
Proj. # Title of Project Student/s
29* ISEF Increasing the Buoyancy of Potato-based Bioplastics Alex Nakasato
20* ISEF Assessing the Pouhala Marsh Soil Ashlynn Carney Caleb Beeler
32 Comparative Analysis of Thermal Membranes: Banana Leaf vs PET Plastics Louie Yang
17 Utilizing Neural Networking to Find Critical Indicators of Cognitive Impairment Brea Swartwood
3 Determining the Effective Anti-Parasitic Concentration of Noni Extract Cadie Young
2 Finding non-toxic homemade Solutions to Aniploplepis gracilipes Kayla Uyema
12 A Sustainable Natural Sunscreen Meilin Bucher
25 The Effects of Retrofitting Buildings with Hydroponics on Temperature Reduction in Urban Areas Leigh Berry
21 Degradation of Aluminum in Saltwater and its Effect on Brine Shrimp Survival Matthew Schaefer, Kyle Walker
24 The Durability of Invasive Algae as an Alternative to Paper Production Summer Aniya Angelina Dulay Jace-Lynn Tolentino
9 Smoke Screen: The Effect of Social Media on Teenage Vaping Annabelle Ink
15 Comparison of Microplastic Separation Devices and their Success Rate Ila Nako, Zoey Dangleman
16 The Strength of Banana Peel Bioplastics based on the Molarity of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, Cade Nakao
36 Determining the Relationship between the location of Poi Fermentation and the Microbes Present Christopher Kae
2/5/20: Senior Joie Agoo received The Prudential Spirit of Community Award as the High Level State Honoree.
1/24/20: MHS JROTC Trojan Battalion placed overall First at the West Point Society Drill Meet.
11/19/19: Congratulations to the Trojan team for their first place finish for the High School Division for HACC 2019 (Blayde Castro, Jade Engstrom, John Floyd, Ty Gano, Ethan Ibanez, Devin Imamura, Tristian Juttener, Katie Kimura, Shane Parslow, Kobe Uyeda).
10/15/19: Teacher Nel Venzon, Jr. has been selected to receive a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. 
10/11/19: MHS Students took first and second in the Illustrated Poem Contest sponsored by the American Chemical Society. Annabelle Ink took 1st place, and Haley LaBonte took 2nd place.
5/9/19: The following students placed in this year's Pele Awards. Judging was conduced by several highly regarded creative professionals in Hawaii and over 350 entries were submitted in the categories of advertising & design!
Nolan Acosta: Pele Gold for Packaging Design; Joie Agoo: Pele Silver for Poster Design; Jeileen Iyoki: Pele Silver for Packaging Design; Kaylee Jones: Honorable Mention for Packing Design
5/8/19: The following students placed in the annual board of Water Supply Poetry Contest:
Haley Evile, 4th Place (gr. 11-12 Category); Caralyn Yamasaki, 1st Place (gr. 11-12 Category); Liam Debusca, 2nd Place (gr. 9-10 Category)
4/30/19: Principal Fred Murphy was recognized as the HASSA 2020 Principal of the Year.
4/16/19: The MHS Indoor Winds finished competition as the 2019 Scholastic World Class Bronze Medalists at the WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio.
4/14/19: Eleven students from Mililani High School competed at the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair. Here are the list of students who placed and won special awards: 
Special Awards
Cindy Tsou:
American Water Works Association (Hawaii Chapter), Environmental Control, Hardware Science/Ace Hardware Hawaii, Ricoh America Corporation
Brea Swartwood: College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources/UH Manoa

Grand Awards
Meilin Bucher 
- 2nd place for Biochemistry category 
Raeson and Leeson Okamura
 - 3rd place for Chemistry Category 
Jade Engstrom & Destiny Sumile
 - 2nd place for Energy: Chemical category 
Cindy Tsou
 - 3rd place for Environmental Engineering category 
Brea Swartwood
 - 2nd place for Plant Science category 

Nel Venzon - 2nd place teacher award 

Overall - Cindy Tsou won second place and earned best public schools' science project 

2019 TEXACO Poster Contest
First place winner ($200) - 
C indy Tsou and her drawing will be feature in next year Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair program 
Third place winner($100) - 
Chloe Kalani 

3/9/19: FIRST Robotics won the Innovation in Control award at the San Diego Regionals. This year's team advanced all the way to the semifinals under the direction of Mr. Tyson Kikugawa. Congrats Hot Spot Robotics #2853!
2/28/19: Kendall Scott placed 1st in the TC Ching Video Contest. The following students placed in the TC Ching Poster Contest: Kaianna Kaneshiro (1st); Emi Okazaki (2nd); Isabella (Arona) Jameson (3rd); Tia'rei Fesagaiga-Yagin (3rd); Marlena Brotchie (2nd).
1/23/19: The MHS Cyberpatriot Team 1505 placed first in the State in the Platinum Division. The team is comprised of Anthony Bragg, Ian Eshelman, Timothy Kaneshiro, Brea Swartwood, and Boreas Wu. MHS Cyberpatriot Team 1504 placed 4th in the same division, and is comprised of Tyler Birchard, Alrick Boncato, Ty Gano, Jacee Gonzales, Ethan Ibanez, and Shane Parslow.
11/10/18: MHS Students took First Place at the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge. The team was comprised of Trey Amrich, Tyler Birchard, Anthony Bragg, Jimmie Digiancinto, Riley Kennicott, Ava Lowell, Shane Parslow, and Kobe Uyeda under the direction of Mr. Blaise Hanagami.
3/12/18 - The following students placed in the 55th Annual Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards Contest: Buwell (Jayko) Duan, Drawing, Silver Key & Digital Art, Gold Key; Noah Ganiron, Painting, Gold Key; Aimee Morifuji, Drawing, Gold Key.
2/28/18 - The following students placed in the FCCLA State Competitions last week! 
Caitlin Barbour: 1st Place, Gold Medal in Career Investigation;
Mace Pahed, Anisa Segovia, & Hunter Gentry: 2nd Place, Silver Medal in Culinary Arts STAR Event; Joseph Bega, Ha'aheo Kahalewai, & Kristi Yamamoto: 1st Place, Blue Ribbon, American Culinary Federation Knife Skills Event. 
12/12/17 - Three MHS students auditioned and were selected to represent MHS for the 2018 Oahu Band Director's Association (All-State) Select Band: Tabitha Hiyane (Oboe), Maya Ogasawara (Bass Clarinet), and Min Kyoung (Lina) (Flute).
11/21/17 - Student Brianna Chan's illustrated poem won first at the State and National level in a contest hosted by the American Chemical Society. This year's theme was "Chemistry Rocks." Her poem can be found here:

11/9/17 - The Trojan Marching Band performed their show, titled "The Red String of Fate," at the Bands of America Competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, they advanced to the Semifinals and received the Al Castronovo Memorial Esprit de Corps Award.

4/8/17: The Mililani Winter Guard placed 4th out of 134 guards at this year's Winter Guard International at Dayton, Ohio. Student Janelle Matsuoka also received a scholarship from WGI.


CTSO Competition Results for 2016-2017 School Year:


Illustrated Talk - Gold Medal
Micah Andrade
Kaylie-Ann Melancon
Casey Tokita

Focus on Children - Gold Medal: 
Kylie Maemori-Yoshida, Kristen Tsukuda

Food Innovations - Silver Medal: 
Martina Segura

Knife Cutting - White Ribbon: 
Hunter Gentry, Gavin Lee

Knife Cutting - Red Ribbon: 
Jaycen Baptist, Savanh Salinthone

Culinary Arts

Gerrin Cabebe - Gold Medal
Ryvin-Lee Galvez Gold Medal
Isabella Pe - Silver Medal



Medical Innovation Advancement Team

Bronze: Preston Baumgardner, Kara Fujimoto, Nathan Kim, Alexander Rambaud


Prepared Speaking Leadership Event: Bronze: Mika Domingo


Medical Reading Health Sciences Event: Silver: Kerri Nashiro


Knowledge Test: Pathophysiology Health Sciences Event: Silver: Donovan Roy


Knowledge Test: Human Growth and Development Health Sciences Event: Gold: Shu Yi Shi


Skills USA

Advertising Design: Bronze: Gavril Ibaan


Architectural Drafting: Gold: Noah Rodrigues


Internetworking:Gold: Nicholas Alvarado, Silver: Sean Dunston, Bronze: Nicholas Shaw


Job Skill Demonstration: Silver: Raycel Rodriguez


Mobile Robotics Technology

Gold: Noah Evile and Tyler Labonte

Silver: Joseph Knaus and Jordin Stauffer

Bronze: Liezl Chan and Damien Santiago


Pin Design: Gold: Ada Eves


Prepared Speech: Bronze: Kaitlyn Aoki


Promotional Bulletin Board: Gold: Christian Howe, Miles McGowen and Nathaniel Dohoerty, Silver: Griffyn Tijamo, Christina Casanova and Grace Welch


Related Technical Math: Gold: Nathan Mashiyama


The Trojan Cheer Team earned fifth place at the National Cheerleaders Association Competition in Dallas on January 22, 2017. They also received recognition in the sideline cheer, line dance, and fight song categories.


Student Travis Afuso and Teacher Amy Boehning were selected for the prestigious Normandy Scholar Program.


Team 1973A, consisting of Team Captain Noah Evile, Tyler Labonte and Joseph Knaus were a part of a three team alliance that won the State Championship on Jan. 5, 2017.  Also, they were recipients of the Innovation Award and earned a slot to the VEX Robotics World Championship.

JROTC Trojan Battalion receives Honor Unit with Distinction recognition after JPA on November 3, 2016.
OIA Championships
2019-2020: OIA Wrestling: J. Fonoti, V. Lee, and E. Hijiki
2019-2020: JV Baseball
2019-2020: Swimming: Kosmo Wojack 200 IM, 100 Breaststroke
2019-2020: Swimming: Aaron Saito 100 Backstroke, 100 Butterfly
2019-2020: Swimming Boys 200 Medley 
2019-2020: JV Boys Soccer
2019-2020: JV Boys Paddling
2019-2020: Varsity Girls Soccer
2019-2020: JV Girls Soccer
2019-2020: JV Football
2019-2020: JV Girls Cross Country
2019-2020: Girls Varsity Volleyball
2019-2020: Girls White Volleyball
2019-2020: JV Girls Soft Tennis 
2019-2020: JV Girls Soft Tennis
             Richelle Suzuki and
             Rozelyn Dizon
2018-2019: JV Girls Wrestlers Erin
       Hijiki, Victoria Lee, and Jacinta
2018-2019: Boys 200 yd. Medley
2018-2019: JV Girls Swimming
2018-2019: JV Girls Soccer
2018-2019: JV Girls Tennis
2018-2019: Varsity Football
2018-2019: Boys Bowling
2018-2019: JV Softball
2018-2019: V. Girls Volleyball
2018-2019: JV Girls Volleyball
2018-2019: Soft Tennis
2017-2018: Track & Field: Girls 200, Girls 4x400
2017-2018: Judo: Mayu Wise
2017-2018 Varsity Baseball
2017-2018 V. Boys & Girls Doubles Tennis
2017-2018 Varsity Boys & Girls Tennis 
2017-2018 Varsity Girls Soccer
2017-2018 JV Boys Soccer
2017-2018 JV Girls Soccer
2017-2018 JV Girls Paddling
2017-2018 JV Softball
2017-2018 JV Football
2017-2018: Girls Soft Tennis
2016-2017: Varsity Boys & Girls Tennis
2016-2017: JV Boys Basketball
2016-2017: JV Boys Wrestling
2016-2017: JV Baseball
2016-2017: Varsity Girls Soccer
2016-2017: JV Boys Soccer
2016-2017: JV Girls Soccer
2016-2017: JV Girls Tennis
2016-2017: JV Competitive Cheerleading
2016-2017: Erin Ohta, Individual Bowling
2016-2017: Girls White Division Volleyball
State Championships
2019-2020: Aaron Saito, 100
          Butterfly & 100 Backstroke
2018-2019: Girls Bowler Jana       
2018-2019: Boys Bowling Team
2017-2018: Girls 4x400 Relay
2017-2018: Judo, Mitchell Funasaki
            & Mayu Wise
2017-2018: Cheerleading, Large Division
2017-2018: Boys Team Bowling
2016-2017: Cheerleading
2016-2017: D1 Football 
2014-2015: Boys Soccer
2014-2015: Girls Soccer
2014-2015: Football
2013-2014: Softball
2011-2012: Boys Soccer
2008-2009: Softball
2007-2008: Girls Team Bowling
2006-2007: Cheerleading
2004-2005: Softball
2004-2005: Boys Team Bowling
2004-2005: Girls Team Bowling
2003-2004: Boys Soccer
2002-2003: Boys Soccer
2001-2002: Boys Soccer
2001-2002: Girls Soccer
2000-2001: Boys Soccer
1993-1994: Girls Soccer
1987-1988: Girls Soccer
**inconclusive list, additional titles to be added.