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Mililani High School Dress Code

MHS Dress Code Policy

MHS advocates for a school environment that encourages individual creativity and student empowerment. However, the school must foster a safe, secure, and caring learning environment for all. To achieve our MHS Vision, the school must guide & teach students what is appropriate attire for different settings such as school, work, and social events. The MHS Dress Code ensures that students are dressed properly for the school setting, which will help them to become productive and responsible citizens. All students are expected to exemplify proper attire that projects a positive image for the student & school. 



Ø Tops/shirts must meet or cover the waistband of bottom attire when standing or sitting normally –No midriff skin or undergarment is allowed to be shown. Necklines for tops must not be lower than the “line” across the underarms. 

Ø Skirts and shorts shall be worn at an appropriate/acceptable length for sitting as well as standing. Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than your fingertips when arms are extended downward to the sides. No exposed skin through garments. 

Ø Headwear such as hats, caps, dome caps, scarves (not bandanas) and visors are allowed, but must be removed when in class or indoor activities 

Ø Footwear must be worn at all times – no bare feet 



Ø Tube tops, midriff tops or strapless tops  

Ø Bandannas, do-rags or nylon stockings worn as headwear  

Ø Sunglasses or Dark glasses cannot be worn indoors  

Ø Any Dress/fashion which include words, logos or photos containing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, gang identification, bigotry, violence, or sexual connotations  

Ø Underwear may not be worn as an outer garment and should not be exposed when sitting or standing normally  See-through or backless clothing  

Ø Torn, ripped, or frayed clothing that shows undergarments  

Ø Clothing, jewelry or other accessories that may be used as a weapon including, but not limited to sharp points, studs, spikes, metal or sharp pointed finger nails, razors, knifes, leashes, nooses or clubs 


Consequences for students who do not comply with the dress code policy are as follows:


DRESS CODE VIOLATION: Upon dress code referral, any student deemed by an Administrator to be in violation of the MHS Dress Code Policy will not be allowed to attend classes until dressed appropriately. Referred student will be directed to change into a MHS dress code shirt and/or shorts before returning to class. Students must return loaned dress code shirt or shorts the following day. An outstanding obligation of $10 will be assigned for shirts or shorts not returned. 

SUBSEQUENT VIOLATIONS: Disciplinary action may be taken for multiple violations of the MHS Dress Code Policy as a Chapter 19, Class “C” offense for insubordination.

School IDs - must be worn at all times while on campus.
2020-2021 On-Campus Dress Code - Facemasks
Regarding Gaiters: Only double-layered gaiters or gaiters folded to make two layers are acceptable to be worn. 
Regarding Face Shields: If you choose to wear a face shield, you MUST have a mask underneath it.