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Mililani High School Advisory Program - Welcome!

The Mililani High School Advisory Program guides students with making informed decisions and taking action toward their post-secondary plans through lessons in their Personal Transition Plan.  Lessons for this program center on life skills and college and career readiness.  
Personal Transition Plan

The Board of Education has a policy that requires all students to satisfactorily complete a Personal Transition Plan (PTP) in their senior year to earn a Hawaii High School Diploma.
It is an "individually designed and custom-tailored plan of action for each high school student to move successfully from high school to post-secondary and career venues" (B.O.E. Policy 4540). We have designed specific standards for our Advisory classes which meets once a week for approximately 30 minutes and is assigned the same teacher (whenever possible) for all 4 years. In order to earn the required .5 credit in their senior year, a student must meet the following requirements to receive a satisfactory

Students start their Personal Transition Plan (PTP) in their freshmen Advisory class and complete all Advisory assignments in grades 9-12. Students receive an S or U mark in this non-credit course.

In grade 12, students must earn a satisfactory "S" as their final mark in their PTP Advisory class. Assignments for all 4 years must be completed satisfactorily. Students are eligible to make-up any missing assignment; at any time. The new grade will be reflected in the next marking period. Students who receive a final "U" mark in PTP will not earn a high school diploma. Advisory and PTP marks are not used in the calculation of a student's GPA. New students are responsible for PTP work from the time of enrollment.

Please click on the links for Advisory Overviews to view the order of lessons for each quarter.

Roxanne Campbell
Advisory Coordinator