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Student Enrichment

While our school campus is closed due to the stay-at-home mandate, here are some resources to keep you busy!
FREE eBooks
Recommended Reading List -- Click on the links to access our  ebook & audiobook recommendations!
Free Educational Games for High School Students
Movies to Make You Think!

Can't go to a movie theatre? No problem... you can access these movies with a simple click!



Click HERE to access links to some well-known books that have been turned into movies. Have you read any of them?  If so, watch the movie and see how it compares to the book! After viewing, stretch your brain and reflect upon the following questions:

  1. In what ways were the book and movie significantly different? Why do you think the movie director and/or screenwriter made those changes?
  2. In your opinion, which media (book or movie) was more effective in conveying the author’s message? Cite evidence for your opinion.
  3. If you had been the director, what changes would you have made to the movie?




Click HERE to access links to some enlightening documentaries and docudramas based on actual events and issues facing our nation and world.  After viewing a film, stretch your brain and reflect upon the following questions:

  1. In what way did the film challenge and/or reinforce any pre-existing beliefs you had? 
  2. What questions did it raise in your mind? What would you like to learn more about?
  3. Why should the public be more aware of the issue(s) presented in the film?
  4. What role can you, as a citizen, play to help address these issues?


Feeling trapped indoors? Take one of these virtual fieldtrips, and you can instantly visit the world without stepping foot outside your home!
Virtual Tours and Live Cameras In the USA
Virtual Tours and Live Cameras Outside of the USA
Virtual Museums Around the World -- Some of the best artwork can be enjoyed virtually!