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Library Policies

The Library's Golden Rule  =  "Always exhibit respectful behavior." 

Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to the people, facilities and resources in the library.



Silent Study Hall

What is 
"Quiet Study Hall"?

"Quiet Study Hall" is a time for students to work quietly and independently in the library.  Since conversation can be intrusive and distracting to others, students should NOT do group work or tutor others in the library during "Quiet Study Hall."

When is 
"Quiet Study Hall"?


"Quiet Study Hall" is in the library during lunch every day.

Why is "Quiet Study Hall" necessary?

"Quiet Study Hall" in the library is necessary because it is the only time when students are guaranteed a quiet place to study on campus.



Circulation Policy

Students may borrow library materials if they: 

1.     Present a photo ID (school ID, military ID, driver's license, rec. card, etc.)

2.     Have a clear record (i.e., NO overdue books or fines).

3.     Agree to return the item undamaged and on time.


Students with a clear record may borrow up to 4 items (only 2 items on the same topic) at any given time.  The regular borrowing period for  books is 3 weeks, excluding holidays.  The regular borrowing period for magazines and vertical files is 2 days, excluding holidays.   


Note:  Students who return books late or damaged will be subject to limited borrowing privileges.




Materials Selection Policy

The primary objective of Mililani High School Library is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the school. In the area of materials selection, our library provides a wide range of materials on various levels of difficulty, with consideration for diversity and different points of view. These materials are available in print and digital formats.


Mililani High School Library adheres to the guidelines of the "Materials Selection Policy for School Librariesset forth by the Department of Education, State of Hawaii.




All inquiries regarding textbooks should be directed to [email protected].